Maternity Peeve Latest VBA Award Nominee!









Just when I was about to consider this entire weekend a total loss, I get an email from  telling me my insignificant little blog has been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. <SMILE>. Thank you, kind lady!

So, paying it forward VBA style… here are a few first-rate blogs I nominate for this distinguished award.

I would love to nominate more… I’ll just need to poke around some. Bear with me, my daughter and I are both leaking from the nose. As I type this, I am on snot-patrol.

Oh, and as requested… here are the “7 Things About Myself” in no particular order of importance.

1) I have one hell of a pitching arm.

2) I’m addicted to hand-sanitzer– but only if it contains the highly toxic (and flammable) chemical Triclosan.

3) I hate my birthday.

4) I think Elmo’s World is pure stoner entertainment.

5) I once sang with the Harlem Gospel choir. On my birthday. I didn’t hate my birthday that day.

6)  I check my bed for spiders and other arthropods on a nightly basis.

7) The ghost of Abe Lincoln visited me when I was 12.

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